Using Facebook’s Business Manager: Easy Steps To Get Started Today

Marketing your clients’ products or services on Facebook requires Facebook Business Manager. However, your organisation can choose to use Business Manager in addition to other options. In fact, it’s not something you should put all your faith in.

Exactly what are the Advantages of Using Facebook’s Business Manager?

You can manage your company’s Facebook page without signing up for Facebook’s Business Manager.

Your group also has the option of using their own personal Facebook accounts or a third-party solution to access client Facebook Pages.

However, there are a number of benefits to using Business Manager that are worth considering.

It’s possible that…

  • Separate your Facebook use for work from your personal life. That way, you won’t have to constantly switch between your personal and client profiles, and you won’t run the risk of posting as yourself on a client’s company page.
  • Centralize your Facebook advertising and marketing efforts. With the integration between Business Manager and Ads Manager, both free and paid marketing can be managed with ease.
  • Keep tabs on activity across Facebook and Instagram with a single inbox view. In order to respond quickly and effectively, Business Manager compiles feedback and messages from both channels in one place.
  • Collaborate with associates, customers, and associates. In this way, you can ensure that only those you trust have access to your account.

In what ways will using Facebook’s Business Manager hurt my company?

Advertising firms will find Business Manager to be an invaluable tool for facilitating their Facebook advertising campaigns. Certainly, it’s a much more efficient alternative than having your staff use their own accounts to oversee customer profiles.

Put out content and plan ahead

Putting together a video or link for a client? From Business Manager, you can publish to a specific Facebook Page by selecting the page and writing a post. Select the blue Share Now button if you wish to publish right away.

Select Schedule from the grey Share Now menu. Set the publish time and date for the post. Business Manager isn’t the best tool for long-term planning, as you can only schedule posts about 60 days in advance.

Agorapulse is the better choice if you need to schedule things out weeks or months in advance, or if you just prefer an interface that is more calendar-centric. To do this, go to Agorapulse’s publishing calendar, choose the appropriate client Facebook Page, and then click on the day you wish to schedule a post.

Create a post with text, a link, and an image or video. After that, choose a time and date to publish the content. Bear in mind that you can get a head start on Facebook marketing campaigns by scheduling content with Agorapulse up to 30 years in advance.

Please review your alerts

Do you have to monitor engagement levels? Select your Facebook page in Business Manager, and then go to the Notifications tab.

Likes, comments, and shares can all be sorted through so that you can zero in on the most pertinent data. You can also check out user reviews, recommendations, mentions, and requests from other Facebook users right here.

While this page displays public comments and ratings, it does not contain any private messages. To view and respond to feedback, private messages, and reviews, go to Inbox.

Reply to people’s Facebook and Instagram messages

Would you like interaction with your followers The Inbox section of Business Manager compiles all comments and messages from connected Facebook and Instagram accounts.

From Business Manager, you can respond to messages or flag them for later reference. Each Facebook user who engages with your agency’s or your clients’ brands can be tagged, given contact information, and given a personal note.

If your clients receive a lot of messages or comments that are largely identical, you don’t have to reply to each one individually. Construct reusable comment chunks in Facebook’s Business Manager, and drop them into conversations as needed.

Study Facebook’s Analytical Tools

Have you been tasked with keeping tabs on your client’s Facebook activity and results? Facebook’s Page Insights is available through Business Manager.
Get a snapshot of the page’s weekly or monthly performance by using the summary dashboard. Post-specific metrics are available below.

You can also share information from Facebook Insights with your team, giving them access to metrics like audience impressions, size and reach. However, Business Manager does not provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to report generation, so you’ll have to settle for downloading a CSV file.

Agorapulse provides much more actionable analytics. Key metrics such as followers, engagement, and impressions are summarised in the profile overview.

Measures of Consumer Recognition of Brands

Follower count and engagement rate are two metrics that are important to the majority of clients. In addition to the standard services, some advertising agencies offer higher-value insights, such as increased product recognition.

Agorapulse keeps tabs on your Facebook Page’s brand awareness without you having to lift a finger. A Facebook brand awareness report will always include data on mentions and shares, as well as a comparison to the prior period, so that you can track brand awareness as time goes on.

As a result

Facebook Business Manager is a must-have app for any agency that takes Facebook advertising and marketing seriously. Even so, it shouldn’t be your team’s only resource when managing client Pages.

Facebook’s Business Manager can be set up to delegate access to accounts and native tools. Then, implement Agorapulse or another similar social media management solution to oversee your Pages, deal with engagement, monitor brand mentions, and generate reports. With Agorapulse’s help, your team will be able to work more efficiently together, get more done in less time, and report back to clients faster.

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