Everything You Need To Know About Hashtag Trends On Twitter To Build A Successful Marketing Campaign

You can extend your influence and get more people talking about your business by using hashtags. As you might expect, the most popular hashtags to use are currently trending ones, as they are more likely to be viewed by a wide audience.

But here’s the catch: to create an effective hashtag marketing campaign, you need to employ the proper hashtags in the right context. And locating appropriate hashtags is a serious challenge. Hashtags should be chosen with your target audience in mind, rather than randomly from Twitter’s current topics.

The necessity of Twitter hashtags begs the question: why?

There’s a solid reason why the hashtag has come to represent social media in the minds of many. People may find one other and form communities through the use of appropriate hashtags. They make it possible for people to keep tabs on issues of interest to them, connect with like-minded people, and rapidly disseminate information.

Hashtag categories on Twitter trends

There are a number of distinct types of hashtags that may be used to classify Twitter trends. Think about these groups as you plan your hashtag marketing approach. Select the categories of hashtags you’d want to use.

Hashtags which are currently popular are used often.

Only this kind of hashtag can be counted on to be trending at a specific time. Hashtags for yearly, monthly, and weekly celebrations are included.

Twitter trends often include holiday-related hash tags. Go to Twitter’s official hashtags guide to learn where to look for them. Discover not just the traditional festivals like Easter and Christmas, but also the more offbeat ones like #InternationalDayofYoiga with the assistance of this calendar.

Hashtags for recent occurrences

Current-events-related hashtags are what you’ll see most frequently in Twitter’s trending topics. It might be challenging to keep up with these hashtags or to use them effectively because of how suddenly they appear.

As the hosts of Babes in the Office frequently discuss current events and the media, it’s only logical that they would use the Bachelorette season premiere hashtag.

Take note of how they used clickbait to guarantee that their article would go viral by posting a dramatic video with a cryptic and alluring text.

Make sure your brand’s appearance and voice are consistent with the topic of conversation if you’re going to use a popular hashtag.

To avoid public embarrassment and a PR issue, you had better know what you’re talking about if you want your tweet to go viral (especially if the hashtag is associated with a sensitive topic).

Online fads and memes

Memes and Twitter trends are just as unpredictable as global events. Often, a popular tweet or online phenomenon will spark such movements. Hashtags may be anything from well known phrases to cryptic wordplay or inside jokes.

To do your job as a social media manager well, you need to remain abreast of the latest trends by following popular Twitter accounts, tracking trending topics on the web, and keeping a watch on the spread of viral tweets.

Another reminder to think before jumping on the next meme bandwagon. Uninformed tweets might be humiliating or even controversial if the hashtag is utilised by an extremist group.

To avoid making any Internet faux pas while using hashtags, it is highly recommended to use a hashtag search and other research tools.

Very specialised hashtags

The following are trending hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Popular topics on #MarketingTwitter include: digital marketing advice, job openings, and marketing ideas.

Tips for tracking out the most popular hashtags on Twitter

The next step in developing your social media strategy is to do research on the hashtags you plan to employ.

Because of the dynamic nature of trending hashtags, regular searches are required to keep up. With Twitter’s ever-changing trend landscape, it’s essential to include hashtag search into your regular social media practise.

Using either Twitter’s built-in hashtag analytics or a third-party hashtag research tool will help you discover trending topics on Twitter.

Naturally, a dedicated hashtag monitoring tool expands your options, making it simple to delve into new streams of tweets, and makes it possible to evaluate Twitter material with more ease. But, the Twitter trends report is also useful as a starting point for a search.

The first step is to do a thorough hashtag search, and we’ll look at how social listening tools like Awario may be used to discover trending hashtags in your specific field.

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