Your Biggest Questions About TikTok Ads Addressed!

When it comes to marketing on social media, I often get asked about TikTok in particular. In this piece, I examine the brands that are succeeding on the popular video-sharing app TikTok and respond to some of your most pressing questions about marketing on the platform.

Firstly, what makes TikTok so popular?

About ten years ago, we could have all agreed that Facebook was the most widely used social media site. However, that is no longer the case. Shareholders of Facebook have good reason to worry about TikTok.

TikTok’s user engagement continues to soar, now clocking in at 26 hours per month compared to Facebook’s 16.5 hours. Currently, there are more than 2.6 billion users who have downloaded the TikTok app, and the service boasts more than 1 billion active users every month.

Here are some of the main reasons, in my opinion, why TikTok has become so popular:

  • The message is upbeat and optimistic. I really enjoy all of the happy challenges, pranks, videos, and dances that are featured there. TikTok stands in stark contrast to #ToxicTwitter and #Fakebook (popular terms for the other channels), appearing much lighter and less confrontational.
  • A larger and more diverse group of young people are attending shows. Originally a platform for Generation Z, TikTok has since gained widespread adoption among younger generations. Facebook, on the other hand, is increasingly popular among seniors and other “older platform” demographics. Do young people really want to be where their grandparents are posting about the election? Perhaps not.
  • Stunning artistic features are available there. TikTok made its name as a venue for artists. The platform has made this possible by including in-built recording and editing tools, which allow users to quickly and easily record, edit, and upload video. It also has a tonne of cool features like filters, sounds, and greenscreens that are currently trending.

Two, Describe a TikCode and Its Function. How do I put it to use?

Your TikTok account has a special QR code called a TikCode. They seem to be more well-liked in Asia than in the UK and Europe, at least in my own personal experience. Nonetheless, they enjoy widespread acceptance and application. If you want to spread the word about your TikTok channel, you can do so by sharing your special TikCode with others.

  • Finding Your Personal TikCode
  • Select your name at the top and then the hamburger menu that appears.
  • Visit My QR Code.
  • Don’t forget to keep a copy or send it to your pals.

QR codes can be distributed online, via email, in print media, on business cards, and even at trade shows. A user’s TikTok profile will appear after scanning the TikCode, and they’ll be able to easily follow you from there.

Think about using TikTok QR codes if your audience consists primarily of millennials and Gen Zers.

How to Promote Your Videos on TikTok
Do not promote your QR code if your channel is new and you haven’t uploaded any videos yet. Rather, spend some time engaging with your preferred brands via their channels to spark your imagination and motivate you to get to work on your own projects.

Thirdly, describe TikTok Duet. How About We Put It to Use?

You and another user can sing a duet together on someone else’s TikTok video using the Duet feature. To put it another way, a split screen. If you haven’t turned off this feature, the duet could involve one of your own videos.

  • Cooperatively playing with another user
  • Locate a clip that you both want to sing in.
  • To share this video, click the ‘Share’ button. (If the user has duet turned off, it will be greyed out.)
  • If you press the Duet button, the screen will divide in half, with you on one side and my cat Pie on the other.

Should I put music on my videos? Can You Tell Me How to Do This?

You should, by all means, include some music in your TikTok.

The sound effects available in TikTok are excellent. Taking advantage of this can boost a video’s popularity.

You can use the platform’s tools to splice together and experiment with different sound effects and timings, and popular sounds on TikTok range from full songs to individual sound bites. If you use TikTok on a regular basis, you’ll start to recognise some songs because they’re being used in a lot of clips.

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