Creating A Posting Plan For Social Media In 3 Easy Steps

You know the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” right? The adage attributed to Benjamin Franklin rings true in all walks of life, including the realm of social media promotion.

Even if you have a brilliant social media strategy, all your hard work in advertising won’t pay off if you don’t publish your content when your intended audience is online.

That’s why you need a publishing schedule for your social media accounts; it’ll guarantee that you’re always sharing material when your target demographic is online.

It will also be useful for:

1. When and how to publish on social media for maximum impact

Having a plan for when and how often to post to your various social media accounts is crucial for maintaining any semblance of efficiency. Planning ahead for your social media marketing content creation and posting is essential.

To begin, recognise your target demographic.

Here we are doing the first and crucial action. Know these things to make sure your social media schedule is effective for your company:

If you have a firm grasp on who you’re writing for, you can more effectively target your messages to them and get them out at optimal times and via channels.

Not to worry if your target demographic lives in a different time zone. In the next section, we’ll discuss the top social media scheduling solutions that can automatically publish your content at peak periods.

2. Learn to decipher social media algorithms

Many people who put stuff on social media immediately point fingers at “the algorithm” when their work is poorly received. There are instances when they’re correct.

But, bad content isn’t the only reason why certain posts don’t get seen by readers. Algorithms also play a significant part in determining which posts are shown to which readers. There is an algorithm in place at each social media site that determines what its users want to view and prioritises that information for them.

3. The third tip is to prepare in advance for your marketing.

Big announcements, seasonal campaigns, and product launches should be planned in advance and added to the content calendar.

Build a comprehensive social media content calendar to keep your operations well-organized. This calendar will serve as the backbone of your social media content strategy, allowing you to get everything done without having to rush at the last minute.

4. The fourth step is to evaluate how well you did.

Now, I’ll drop the beans: we’ve included a handy cheat sheet with the optimal times for posting across all social media platforms right below this section. Basically, we’re just great folks that want to see your success, so that’s why.

The short version of social media scheduling advice

Our analysis of audience behaviour and social media algorithms led us to conclude that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:00 AM is the optimal time for social media posting.

Is this the time of day when your intended audience frequently uses the Internet? You’ll have to judge it for yourself, as each audience is different.

While publishing during these times is a good first step, it should be supplemented with research into your target audience and an analysis of your statistics. This can help you establish a regular posting plan that is optimal for your business and its target demographic.

Social media content calendar free download

You now understand when to publish on social media and what sort of stuff to share. Putting it all together may now be a concern.

When and how to update your social network accounts

Using a social media management platform like Hootsuite is the easiest method to plan out your social media postings in advance. Hootsuite gives you two options for prescheduling your social media updates:

Upload in Masse Isolated Mode

When and how to publish to specific social media accounts

The Hootsuite Planner enables you to set out future updates for each of your social media profiles at once. It’s flexible enough to post to a single account or a group of accounts at once. Each platform also allows you to customise the presentation of your material.

Tips for scheduling many social media updates at once

The time-saving features of Hootsuite include the ability to schedule up to 350 posts simultaneously. Watch this video to learn how to use the Bulk Composer in Hootsuite:

Top 3 Social Media Organizers

Planner 1. Hootsuite

Your scheduled posts may be seen and modified in Hootsuite Planner. To help you get started with the tool, we’ve prepared this little video:

Hootsuite’s ideal posting window, number two

Hootsuite’s Best Time to Post function, found in the Analytics section, analyses your account’s previous activity and recommends optimal times of day on which to share content across all of your social network profiles.

As there is no universally optimal time to publish, our tool takes it a step further by providing separate recommendations for each of three objectives.

Raising consciousness
Deepening Participation
Prompting the flow of traffic

By doing so, you may plan when to publish content depending on how it will contribute to your business’s overall goals and maximise returns.

Hootsuite Social Ads, Number Three

You can control both sponsored and organic posts with Hootsuite Social Advertising. This function not only streamlines the scheduling process but also gives comprehensive statistics and return on investment reports on the efficacy of your advertisements.

Understanding the performance of both sponsored and organic content on social media allows for data-driven choices and campaign adjustments.

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