Starting A Facebook Live Stream: What To Do Before, During, And After Your Stream

This is your one-stop shop for all things Facebook live, from preparing for your broadcast to generating genuine interaction with your live audience to saving your awesome Facebook live video for later viewing.

It’s up to You to Decide If You’ll Stream From Your Mobile Device or Your Computer

In contrast to broadcasting from a desktop computer, going live on Facebook on a mobile device is an entirely new and unique experience.

At events or for impromptu live broadcasts, a mobile device is ideal. There are a variety of tools available to enhance the quality of mobile live-streaming video. However, the desktop version will usually produce a more polished presentation for your videos.

What you need to know about using your mobile device to broadcast on Facebook

Follow these steps to go live on Facebook: open the Facebook app, click the Publish button, select the Live video icon, and then fill out the description with keywords.

Set up a Live Producer Streaming Date

When you plan a live broadcast in advance, a notification will be posted to your page’s timeline. You can get Facebook to alert people who have indicated interest in your broadcast by having them click the Interested button.

Once you begin streaming, this post will serve as the live broadcast. This means you can promote your show ahead of time by sharing the link to that particular post.

Get Your Facebook Live Event Started on Time

Just before airtime, go to Admin Only: Make changes to Your Information in the overlay box. Doing so re-launches Live Producer.

Locked-down Admin Mode

Live Producer has a feature that allows you to broadcast to only other page admins, so you can practise your show in private if you’re feeling anxious.

It’s a great opportunity to test out your equipment and become comfortable in front of the camera.

To test your live broadcast before going public, select the option to do so by clicking the checkbox labelled “Publish as a test broadcast” towards the bottom of the left sidebar.

Enable Live Captioning in Live Producer

People who are deaf or have hearing impairments will miss out on your message if you don’t caption it. Those who can’t listen to the show with the volume up will quickly lose interest.

Live captioning is now possible with Live Producer. With this feature activated, subtitles will be automatically added to your live broadcast. They aren’t perfect, but if you speak slowly and clearly, you can get a good result.

Check the box next to “Auto-Generated Captions” in the Viewing section of the Settings menu to activate this function.

Application and Instruments for Live Streaming on Facebook

I appreciate how robust Live Producer has become, but there are still bugs to be worked out. Being a one-woman show makes it difficult to manage, and you don’t have enough say over your work.

In order to avoid the hassle of dealing with Facebook directly, you can use third-party software that integrates with Facebook Live to get the same benefits.

Lots of different pieces of software exist for Facebook live streaming.

Methods for broadcasting on Facebook that are particularly favoured

Rather than bore you with a thorough review, I’ll just tell you about the two things I absolutely couldn’t do without.

Life in eCamm

As a Mac user, eCamm Live is one of the reasons why I love my computer. I use it for all of my live shows and it’s fantastic. (Sorry, PC users; it’s a Mac thing only.)

With eCamm Live’s intuitive interface, you can quickly highlight user comments, insert graphic overlays, and play back recorded video clips.

Live video chats with guests are also possible thanks to Skype’s built-in support for this purpose. The sound effects are integrated into the system. Also, you can use your phone’s camera to record videos with the green screen feature.

The incorporation of Skype is the only drawback for me. Live streaming and Skype both put a strain on the memory of my MacBook. Hence, I employ Streamyard for my talk shows that feature interviews.


Streamyard can be used right in your web browser. therefore, it is compatible with any computer. It is likewise accessible via the mobile web. It’s accessible from any location. Many of the issues I’ve had with broadcasting live from a mobile device have been resolved.

Text overlays, featured comments, green screen, and pre-recorded video overlays are just some of the features that make it competitive with eCamm live.

The fact that invitees can be added with the simple sharing of a link is the killer function.

They can simply click the link, and they will be connected to you without the need for any additional software or login.

One thing I don’t like about Streamyard is that you can’t move your graphics around as freely as you can on eCamm. It’s worth noting that Stream Deck is not currently compatible. Stream Deck info coming right up!

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