Tips for Increasing Your Instagram Verification Odds

It’s not unusual for people to utilise their social media accounts to project an image of superiority. Yes, even on individual profiles. At least five people I’ve known have said that an important motivation for going on vacation was to take “Instagram-worthy” photos.

Even corporate profiles on social media have their own unique perks. One of the most significant is having your identity confirmed right there on the site.

Do you covet a coveted Instagram “checkmarkā€ next to your name? If so, read on! How to gain Instagram verification is the subject of this write-up.

When you get verified on Instagram, what does it entail?

When your Instagram account is verified, Instagram confirms that you are who you say you are.

When a user visits a verified account’s profile, they’ll notice a little blue check mark next to the user’s name.

If two accounts are otherwise equivalent, users are more likely to follow the one that has been verified due to the greater level of confidence that comes with it. If two accounts both claim to be a “cabinet maker,” but only one has been confirmed, the searcher is more likely to choose the verified one. Having your identity and legitimacy verified sends a strong message to users that they can trust you and your business. 

How Do You Know If You Can Get Instagram Verified?

Here are some of Instagram’s guidelines that you must follow to have your account verified:

The Instagram Community Guidelines and Terms of Service must be followed.
You must be authorised to act on behalf of a legitimate individual, company, or other legal organisation.
To get your account confirmed, it must be the only verified account for the entity it represents in that language.
Your profile must be visible to the public and fully functional, including a bio, profile picture, and at least one post.
No “add me” or similar connections to other social networks should be included in your profile.
You need to stand out.
You need an account that represents a “well-known and often-searched for brand or entity” in order to be verified.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to verify your account if you run a reputable business. If you’re denied the first time around, don’t give up hope quite yet.

Guide to Instagram Verification:

Instagram’s verification procedure is straightforward.

  • Select the account that needs to be verified and navigate there. To access the menu, select the vertical bar in the upper right.
  • After that, select “Settings” from the menu.
  • To access your account, please scroll down and select “Account.”
  • The option to “Request Verification” may be found about halfway down the following screen. Pick that. The form to seek verification will load here. Put in your user name, your company’s complete name, and your “known as” name.
  • Select the appropriate label for your account, and then submit the required documentation. A valid photo ID is required to open a personal bank account. Companies will need to provide legal documentation, such as their articles of organisation, company licence, or most recent tax return.

Remember that this data must be accurate.
If any of the information you provide is false, your verification may be declined, and your account may be temporarily or permanently cancelled.

How to Get Your Instagram Account Verified

Wishing to improve your Instagram verification prospects?

You can benefit from the following advice.

Don’t waste your money on a badge of verification

Here’s a crucial piece of advice if you want to know how to verify your Instagram account: don’t try to cut corners by purchasing a verification badge.

Instagram verification is not for sale. This is against the rules and will get you in trouble if you attempt.

Some “companies” advertise the opportunity to get a verified Instagram account by purchasing an existing account and modifying its details to suit the new owner. This won’t work, and if Instagram finds out about it, they’ll delete your account.

Sincerity is highly recommended, and proper verification procedures must be followed.

Keep an eye out for counterfeit profiles

Many “fan” accounts exist, each of which may or may not be a spoof.
Please report any accounts that falsely claim to represent you. This is not a free pass to report anyone using the same product name (there can be overlap there).

To the contrary, please report any accounts that falsely claim to represent you or your company. Doing this before submitting the form for verification might help clear up any misunderstandings.

Acquire a larger number of genuine fans

I know, easier said than done.

Getting more followers is a great way to boost your Instagram verification odds, and it’s probably something you’re currently doing.

It’s best if you got rid of any links in your profile that might take them to other

Your account won’t be validated if you direct viewers to your unverified social media profiles using the bio link.

Don’t bother submitting the verification request until you’ve confirmed that your bio doesn’t contain a link to another service.

Apply if you’re going to be in the paper

Is there any news about your company, its activities, or its events that has recently appeared in the media?

Leverage that to your advantage and put it to use while the buzz is occurring, even if it’s only a small local newspaper. There has probably been an uptick in people looking for your company, and now you have evidence to back up your claims.

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