Where to Find a Good Instagram Posting App and What to Look for?

The first Instagram accounts I was entrusted with were completely manual. When it was time to share, I opened up my photographs app and looked for the perfect one to use. Finally, I used my thumbs to type the description and hashtags. For Instagram, I’d need to block off time in my schedule.

Now I schedule all or most of my posts in advance with an Instagram publishing app and then push them live to my Instagram business accounts with a single mouse click.

You’ve been manually uploading to Instagram, right? To take your Instagram administration to the next level, have you considered using a tool such as an Instagram publishing app?

When compared to manually posting to Instagram, why use a posting app?

You can avoid spending unnecessary resources and time in the future

Since you’ve been handling your Instagram account (or accounts) manually up until now, you might be hesitant to shell out money for a tool. You may feel as though you’ve been working “for free,” but that’s not the case. Likewise, if you have employees, you recognise the worth of their time to you.

Write a bunch of updates all at once

You may have to manually adjust the image and write the text for each Instagram post if you don’t use any kind of editing software. This can be challenging if you want to publish in the wee hours of the morning or after a long day of work, when you’re likely to be too exhausted to think clearly enough to choose the best time to post for your followers. Use an Instagram publishing app to prepare a bunch of posts ready to go at once, or plan them for a time when you’ll have more mental bandwidth.

Which Instagram posting app should you use? I’ve listed many of the details that are important to me here. Seeing what options exist and how they compare is fascinating.

Important Functions for the Instagram Posting App

While Instagram is Instagram, there are a variety of third-party solutions available to help you streamline your workflow. While searching for a means to upload content to Instagram, I found the following aspects quite useful.

Timekeeping and alerting

I was looking for a programme that would enable me to plan ahead and schedule posts, including when my Instagram material will be published. At the time, I was also looking for a simple mechanism that would alert me when my articles were ready to be published.

To top it all off, Instagram has updated its terms of service as of 2018 to let approved Instagram partners to post to Instagram business accounts straight from an Instagram posting app. Now that I can post my finished photo and commentary from my computer, or plan it to go out at a later time, I can rest even easier at night.


I take precautions to ensure that the Instagram posting app is protecting my account and my privacy. The app must connect to Instagram in a safe and legal manner consistent with Instagram’s terms of service. I will only use apps that Instagram officially endorses.

The month view is helpful for me when I’m scheduling material since I can see when everything is coming out at once. I really like that I can rearrange the entries on the calendar by dragging and dropping them into the desired sequence. Using the new publication queues, I may schedule posts to be automatically published to an Instagram business profile based on predetermined subjects or categories, either all at once or at regular intervals.

View of a calendar

Because of this, I can set up a queue for evergreen material, have it published, and then move it to a different time slot in the future.

Large-scale uploading and queuing

I wished there was a way to queue many photos for upload at once rather of doing it manually. In a recent update, Agorapulse added support for uploading several photos at once. To save time, I can batch-line up to 100 photographs, caption them all at once, and then add them to my publication schedule all in one fell swoop. Nothing else can do this, and trust me when I say it’s a huge time saver.

Angle of profile

I also like a profile view, which lets me see how my feed will look before I start adding anything to it. In order to make sure my material is evenly distributed throughout the course of a week, I prefer to preview it once it has been scheduled and posted to my profile.

Before I begin publishing articles, I may, for instance, realise that the two posts with red backgrounds are misaligned in the grid and decide to insert another blue post between them.

Moderation of Comments

Insta-gram comment moderation is essential. Instagram’s current notifications (the “heart” in the bottom menu tray) include both likes and comments. Because everything is jumbled up in my notifications, it’s difficult to go through and discover comments that require a response.

While Instagram does a decent job of separating alerts, I prefer apps that put comments in their own inbox so I can quickly respond to them all and keep track of the ones I haven’t yet seen.


Having access to analytics reports is at the top of my list of must-have features. Without metrics, your job is little more than blindly projecting images into the vacuum and crossing your fingers. Insta-stories play a significant role in advertising on the platform. Inquire whether the tool you’re thinking about has any analytics for Stories.

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