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How to Increase Website Traffic with These 4 Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram is an underutilised marketing platform that may skyrocket your website traffic thanks to its 500 million monthly users. Although Instagram was originally designed as a photo-sharing app, it has now become a powerful promotional tool for companies, influencers, and bloggers all over the web. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the basics of Instagram marketing in order to effectively communicate with your target audience and increase your site’s traffic.

Be current and use appropriate hashtags.

If you’re just getting started with Instagram, resist the urge to spam your followers by sharing every picture you take that has anything to do with your brand.

You should only share pictures associated with your company. Assume you are sharing an image of a product. Add hashtags to your posts that you believe your target audience is likely to be searching for. That way, your material won’t go stale and you’ll keep getting seen by the proper people.

Customers and followers are more likely to utilise the hashtags you’ve found useful if you use them yourself. For individuals who value word-of-mouth advertising, this is a tremendously fulfilling Instagram marketing strategy.

To get the best results from your camera, aim for aesthetic appeal.

Instagram beginners are best served by beginning with high-quality photographs. Consider this website to be an online mall. You’re less likely to enter a business that hasn’t put in much effort into its appearance while you’re strolling through a shopping centre. On the other hand, you can’t help but pick up the flashy ones.

Even Instagram is not an exception. When searching for a hashtag, users are more likely to click on the most interesting photographs rather than the average ones. More than 80% of pins get repined, while just 2% of tweets are retweeted, as stated by Jeff Bullas. Based on these numbers, it’s clear that generating high-quality visual content is crucial if you want to attract the attention of your target audience.

The square orientation of your iPhone or digital camera might help you get the ‘correct’ photo. Make advantage of the “rule of thirds” when doing so. According to the rule of thirds, the focal point of a photograph should be positioned inside a certain third of the frame. It takes some practise to get good at this method, but it’s worth it in the end!

Maintain a regular schedule of at least seven updates every week.

It’s more effective to post regularly throughout the week than to fire out a bunch of posts all at once and then ignore your account for a bit. According to at least one research, there’s such a thing as oversharing. Brands that regularly post more than once or twice a day risk losing their audience.

The greatest approach to gain new followers is to consistently provide content. There are a few things you can do if you’re too busy to write a new post every day.

You may hire a financial manager for a fee.

Prepare yourself with a phone alert.
Put aside half an hour a week to plan your articles using an app like Hootsuite.
To be realistic, Hootsuite is your best bet for managing your social media accounts. Self-reliance is preferable to external support since it removes the possibility of ignoring a daily reminder.

Instead of using Snapchat, you should post your tales on Instagram.

Although many companies and media organisations use Snapchat to increase brand recognition, this platform is less successful than Instagram Stories. In fact, if you publish to Instagram instead of Snapchat, you’ll get 35% more views.

The use of Instagram Stories has several advantages:

You may post many images without worrying that your followers will think you’re spamming them.
When someone who is following you opens the app, they will get a notification that you have a story.
If you want to promote numerous items with a single post, this is a great way to do so.
But there is a small catch: you shouldn’t make Instagram stories a regular part of your routine. In an effort to avoid marketing overload, major businesses reportedly only utilise them once a week. Regardless, tales are still a relatively new feature, so you should consider them more as a bonus for your followers than something they should come to expect on a regular basis.

Instagram marketing strategies should be trialled in the same manner as those for any other social media network. You may jumpstart your Instagram presence and give your page a more professional appearance by purchasing likes. Try to push your methods to their boundaries and keep trying new things once you’ve found what works for you.