When 2023 Rolls Around, How Will I Find Out If Someone On Instagram Has Blocked Me?

Instagram’s billion-plus users share photos and videos, make new connections, and promote their companies using the app’s various features.

Even while the social media behemoth has put in place stringent measures to ensure the safety of its users, there are always some who choose to cause trouble.

Instagram is aware of this, which is why it lets users “ban” other users.

There’s a wide variety of factors that might lead to a person blocking another user on a social media site.

So, when someone blocks you on Instagram, what does it mean?

Instagram stops you from doing some things when a person blocks you.

You can no longer access their profile, view their stories, or communicate with them in any way.

Can Someone Tell Me Why They Blocked Me on Instagram?

Instagram’s usual limitations that come into play when someone blocks you are likewise in effect whenever someone else blocks you.

If you can’t find someone’s profile after a search, for example, it doesn’t always imply they’ve banned you. If they wanted to take a vacation from Instagram, they could have just cancelled their account.

Check Out Their Profile

If you want to know whether someone has blocked you on Instagram, all you have to do is look up their profile.

If you discover their public profile, you’ll be able to read all they’ve written, but if their profile is set to private, you’ll get the message “This Account is Private.”

In any case, it indicates that you are not banned.

If you try to look for someone on Instagram and come up empty, it’s because they’ve either banned you or cancelled their account.

Do a Profile Check

What if you can’t locate their Instagram profile?

Instagram, however, does not erase previous interactions between you and a user, including comments, tags, and direct messages.

Following this, you should go to the section containing their comments or direct messages and click on their profile. If their profile has a post count but no display of recent posts, then you have been blocked.

To Conduct a Web-Based Search

When you join up for Instagram, you’ll be given a special profile URL. In order to view the profile, copy this URL and paste it into your browser.

Each address is in the form Instagram.com/username.

  • Go to Instagram’s official website and sign in.
  • To view someone’s Instagram profile, copy their username and put it into a new tab like this: Instagram.com/username.
  • If you are sent to a page that says “Sorry, this page isn’t accessible,” then you have been banned.

Review Your Messages

If you’re in a group together, you can see if that individual is also a part of it by going to the participants tab.

You may no longer be able to view their profile because they have decided to deactivate or remove it.

But, they have blocked you if you can only view them as a member of the group and nowhere else.

Repeat After Me

Follow them again after you’ve located them using Instagram search to see whether they’ve blocked you.

In the event that you try to follow someone and receive an error message or the button doesn’t go through, they have banned you.

Switch Instagram Accounts

If you’re worried that someone has blocked you on Instagram, you may now use a secondary account to verify. Look for their profile by doing a search.

If the profile doesn’t appear, then they have either blocked you or deactivated/deleted/changed their username.


So, you now have it. You can now easily identify if Instagram users have banned you.

In the event that someone blocks you on Instagram, you will not receive a notification from the service.

The aforementioned methods can be used to determine whether or not you have been blocked. I really believe this information might be of use to you.

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