Putting a GIF on Instagram and the Best Apps for Making Them

Some individuals still don’t know what GIFs are exactly, despite the fact that practically everyone uses them these days for funny quips in private messages, comments, and postings. The use of GIFs has recently grown popular because they allow users to convey emotions and ideas in ways that were previously impossible.

While GIFs have always been accessible online, it wasn’t until quite recently that they became widely used in everyday communication. Facebook lagged behind in adding support for GIFs, so it’s no surprise that Instagram would follow suit.

In the Meanwhile, What Is a GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) was created by Steve Wilhite in 1987. As such, he set out to develop the most space-efficient format for moving pictures.

using GIPHY

GIFs, or “graphics interchange formats,” are short video sequences typically without audio. They start playing automatically and continue playing indefinitely unless you manually stop the cycle.

GIFs gained popularity on early social networking sites like Geocities, AngelFire, and MySpace before they were included into those services in any official capacity. GIPHY, a dedicated GIF search engine, was integrated into Facebook in 2015. More than 100 million GIFs have been shared on Twitter since the company followed Facebook’s example and adopted the content format.

These days, platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok allow users to superimpose animated GIFs on top of existing video material.

Instructions for Sharing Animated GIFs on Instagram

Instagram does not have a dedicated tool for finding and sharing GIFs like Twitter or Facebook. Still, GIPHY allows you to manually incorporate GIFs into your postings. Here are some basic instructions for sharing GIFs on Instagram.

  • Download the free GIPHY app from the Google Play Store or the ITunes Store.
  • Launch the programme and look for an appropriate GIF.
  • Between the heart and the three dots, you’ll see a share button that looks like a paper aeroplane.
  • To send to Instagram, just hit the share button and pick it from the list.
  • Don’t mind if GIPHY launches Instagram and browses your photos.
  • Don’t be shy about sharing the GIF on your timeline or story.
  • Filters may be applied by swiping your thumb over the GIF.
  • Just type in a clever description and hit the share button to send your GIF flying over the internet.
  • You may also use ImgPlay, Giphy Cam, GIF creator, Songclip, and Momento as alternatives to GIPHY if you need to build GIFs from video or still images. All of these applications may be downloaded for free on either IOS or Android. These animated GIFs may be shared on Instagram and other social networking sites.

Instagrammers, take note: GIPHY lets you upload your own GIFs for use in your own posts!

Instagram and GIFs: Why You Need to Start Using Them?

Answers that Think Beyond the Box

Every day, millions of people share and comment on content on Instagram, and GIFs are a great method to do it. To increase your following on social media, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Create Visual Aids

Instructing viewers with a GIF is a brilliant idea. They work well for outlining complex procedures and are useful in writing guides and instructions. They give your material a fresh spin that increases its readability and entertainment value.

Put your focus on creating relatable content

Instagram users will be more likely to notice and engage with your content if you use GIFS. Use humorous or touching GIFs to make your images and videos stand out among the hundreds upon thousands of other producers who share your mood.

Hint of Upcoming Material

Use GIFs to provide a sneak peek of your upcoming product or service and pique the interest of your audience before its official release.

Exhibit Funny Articles

Besides from being useful for gathering data, GIFs may also be fun to look at. Instagram is a great platform for sharing and discussing amusing GIFs with your friends and followers.

Display Information Artfully

For mass audiences, GIFs are a terrific way to spice up otherwise dull information like statistics. You may make your data more visually attractive by including colour and motion.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own GIF

Some easy methods for creating an animated GIF are shown below.


When looking for a GIF, GIPHY is your best bet. You may make your own animated GIFs and send them to your pals on any network. Also, GIPHY is a fantastic place to get original stickers to use in your visual media. Stickers and GIFs may be easily located using the app’s search function, and the interface is generally intuitive. With just a single click, you may broadcast them over several channels.

Photo Album on iPhone

With the built-in picture editor on the iPhone, you can snap live photographs and convert them into GIFs. To create a GIF, open a photo from your camera roll and then use the filters found there. You may create a high-quality GIF by selecting the Loop button at the very end of the process. The GIF may be shared on other social networking platforms or sent privately.

Google Photos

Google Photos makes it simple to create GIFs. Just launch the programme and choose the images you’d want to use in your GIF. You may add your selection by tapping the plus sign at the top. To turn your chosen still images into a GIF, pick the animation button. By selecting the share button in Google Photos, you may also send GIFs to other programmes.

Lessons Learned

Share your newly-discovered (or self-made) GIFs and enjoy the ensuing interaction! The addition of these will breathe new life into your material and make it feel more individual.

Keep these tips in mind to create a captivating Instagram account.

  • GIPHY has the most stickers and GIFs of any website.
  • With GIFs, you may make your statistical data more visually appealing.
  • Make your product introductions more interesting by using GIFs.
  • Put some levity into your GIFs to make them more enjoyable.

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