Productive Influencer Marketing Using Social Listening

You have undoubtedly already purchased a social listening tool as a result of the current epidemic, if not earlier. Did you know that amid the recent coronavirus outbreak, 51% of company executives are turning to social listening tools to gain insight into customer sentiment?

You probably already know the value of social listening technologies, but did you realise they may also help your influencer marketing efforts tremendously?

To pause and ask, are you still on the fence regarding influencer marketing?

Thanks to COVID-19, consumers and buyers now conduct the vast majority of their research and purchases online. However, organic social reach for most brands on most platforms is declining, making influencer marketing a novel way to inspire word-of-mouth marketing from trusted users across all sectors.

Happily, there are more chances to practise social listening when people are more open about discussing their days when working from home. So, the question is, how can we use this knowledge to influencer marketing through social listening? Well, so let’s check out the procedure.

A Brief Overview of Influencer Marketing’s Advantages

Learn about the advantages of influencer marketing to better understand why it should develop from social listening.
People are increasingly avoiding brick-and-mortar stores, therefore it is essential to build brand recognition quickly by targeting them where they already spend time online. People are encouraged to utilise social media as a means of staying in touch without physically meeting.
Hence, social proof will aid you in gaining credibility more effectively than ever before.

Using social listening for influencer marketing may also help you reach your intended demographic. Purchasing prominent shop shelving is no longer as effective as it once was. People are still making decisions about what to buy from their computers, but retail browsing is on the rise again.

One way in which influencer marketing excels above traditional advertising methods is in its ability to go over traditional boundaries.

Example: even if you don’t understand the language, you can still enjoy watching pet videos from across the world. Similarly, a lot of people care about what’s happening in global beauty or fashion.

When anything becomes viral on social media, it may go across many countries. If you can connect with the correct influencer, your product’s message will go well beyond that person’s usual circle of friends.

The Use of Social Listening to Identify People with Brand Loyalty for Influencer Marketing

Finding social media users who have an interest in or affinity for a particular business is a valuable application of social listening in influencer marketing. While any business will be aware of its partners and staff, it will be difficult for them to identify each and every one of its clients.

Recognition of Key Opinion Leaders

You undoubtedly already know that the hardest aspect of conducting an influencer marketing campaign is identifying the correct influencers, whether you’re looking for Instagram influencers specifically or social media influencers in general. The same influential people can be used more than time in a programme, but it’s still important to keep an eye out for fresh faces. As a result, influencer marketing campaigns often incorporate social listening as an ongoing strategy.

Find People Willing to Be Your Brand’s Advocates

Typically, we associate “brand ambassadors” with people who are paid to publicly represent a company. Truth to this statement lies in the fact that many well-known companies run “ambassador programmes” of one kind or another. Several famous personalities have been associated with various products for decades. In most cases, this means the influencer and the brand will develop together.

Brand ambassadors, on the other hand, need not be compensated but are still avid promoters of a company’s wares. Some folks, for instance, have a go-to mall store or catalogue where they always make their clothes purchases. The garments may be more flattering, or they may appeal to a certain taste. In the case of footwear, a popular figure may require a size that is notoriously difficult to source elsewhere but the brand in question. Makeup that doesn’t clog pores may have been discovered by beauty influencers.

Track Mentions of Your Brand

Finding brand mentions is another approach to utilise social listening for influencer marketing. Set up notifications in Mention for every one of your company’s brands, products, and branded keywords. You’re not only seeking for brand advocates, but rather for any and all feedback on your product.

Not every remark will be a positive development. People vent their frustrations with a company on Twitter in particular. Is it possible that your company’s customer care botched the handling of the faulty item? A Twitter uproar is possible. Find out the truth about the complaints and address them openly.

The converse is true also: favourable feedback might point you in the direction of a promising opening. You should look out a user’s social media presence if they frequently reference your company. Possible influential profiles are those with a large number of followers who post about items related to your niche. If you suspect this is the case, you should start paying closer attention to the profile. You are now on the lookout for a possible business partner.

Go Beyond Your Brand’s Affinity for Potential Influencers

The fact that a person hasn’t mentioned your company yet doesn’t exclude them as a viable influencer. Rather, it indicates a lack of previous brand loyalty on the part of the speaker. Even if they bring up one of your rivals, that person still may be interested in what you have to offer. As long as customers are still primarily interested in products and services within your area, rather than those of a rival, this is true.

In such case, which options should you prioritise? Those who aren’t fiercely committed to one brand over another but who do have an incentive to try something else. Especially if your business is relatively unknown or you are just getting started with influencer marketing, you may not have the reach or awareness necessary to receive organic Mentions from influencers. At this stage, it’s best to employ influencers who don’t have have emotional connections to your business.

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