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An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Engagement

If you’re a social media marketer, you know how important it is to have a reliable read on Instagram engagement. For this, you’ll need a programme that centralises your Insights information for easy access. Read on to see how you can use Sotrender to track and analyse your Instagram presence.

Engagement: A Working Definition

The level of engagement with your brand on social media channels is an indicator of how frequently and actively your target demographic interacts with your content. Your brand’s InstaStories and stickers can elicit a variety of responses from your audience, including likes, shares, comments, and reactions. However, while examining the measure, not everything is considered. In that case, how does this measure contribute to the greater picture?

It’s a simple way to gauge the interaction you’re having with your listeners. Instagram removes the traditional divide that exists between a company and its customers. Because your Instagram feed will include both business and personal posts, consumers will feel more at ease interacting with you there than, say, on LinkedIn. This helps you connect with your audience, and the combination of friendly banter, brand loyalty, and tailored content is what ultimately leads to more purchases on their site. That’s why it’s important for marketers to boost participation.

Where can I locate information on participation rates?

So far, so good if you’re following along with the article. Do you, however, know how to independently evaluate Instagram engagement? You may either utilise our tool for a more accurate measurement, or you can use Instagram Insights from within the Instagram app.
Unfortunately, Insights does not provide any clear information on how to gauge Instagram engagement. In fact, “activity” is the only statistic they use. There is no way to monitor your “activity” over a custom time frame. You can view post Insights by clicking on individual posts from your profile, but the amount of comments and likes doesn’t give you a fair idea of how engaged your followers are over time.

You may obtain this knowledge from us instead of hearing it from the source, the horse. We’ll show you around our tool and reports, where you’ll discover all the engagement metrics we track, and explain what they mean.

Sotrender’s Deep Dive

This post includes screenshots that should help you follow along even if you don’t have a membership to our service. You may use the free demo version of the programme for 14 days to see if it meets your needs. All the functions described in this manual are accessible during the free trial period.

Our Reach and Engagement tab is laid out like this. Various graphs depicting various parts of reach and engagement data are available.
General trends and findings from Insights should be readily apparent when you peruse this section. To drill down into the details of the findings, you may expand the menu by clicking the corresponding button.

A tab labelled “Online followers” will appear.

Let’s see if we can tackle the first inquiry. When is the best time to publish, and how do I do it? The heatmap can be a useful tool for this. As the name suggests, the higher the temperature, the better. You can observe which days and times of day your Instagram followers are the most active with this handy heatmap.
When your followers are most active, you should adjust your content approach accordingly. It’s understandable that nobody is responding to your posts if you’re making them at 3 in the morning. There may be some general conclusions about the optimal publishing times, but these may not apply to your specific audience. Second shift employees have a completely different schedule than either parents or pupils.

This measure isn’t essential, but knowing when to schedule articles is much easier when you do.

What Users Do

Now we need to know “how” your followers respond to your posts.

Navigate to the tab labelled “User Activity.” You’ll first see a bar chart that breaks out the various actions taken by your users. The events in this chart are stacked and organised by date. According to this chart, likes much outnumber comments and shares. If you place your mouse pointer over a bar, you’ll see how many of each kind of activity there are.
The days with more comments or diversity should typically be prioritised. That reveals what subjects are drawing the most interest. A large number of likes is nice, but a lively discussion going in the comments section is much better.

Facilitated reporting

Thank you very much! You can now correctly decipher the feedback from your profile’s engagement analytics. An automated report may be created with any selected application metrics included for added convenience. It’s a PDF containing a summary of your app statistics and suggestions for how to make your profile more successful. You won’t need to put in the effort required to make a report or presentation from scratch anymore.

Get ready to fight!

On Instagram, comments and likes are crucial. It’s a key factor in the algorithm that decides whether or not your material will be seen in your followers’ feeds. Learn the best times to reach your intended audience, the kind of information that interest them, and how they interact with the material you provide.

If you want to know how engaged your Instagram followers are but don’t want to spend the time doing it yourself, then Sotrender is the tool for you.