Instagram is one of the best video marketing platforms with 1 million monthly users and 500 million active users per day. Stories are the perfect Instagram feature that allows everyone to share 15 second short videos with music and effects. 

More than 70% of Instagrammers watch stories every day. Additionally, many people said they like to see more stories from the brand they are following. Importantly, stories have the potential to boost your followers’ engagement and bring new audiences to your profile. If you want to drive traffic to your account, you need to know what to post on Instagram. Here are the helpful story ideas to increase your engagement. 

1. Boost Followers To Ask Questions

Post questions about your brand and ask your audience to answer the question. Posting questions in your stories will ensure your brand and content reach higher. Also, it will increase your story views. If you want to get Instant views for your video, buy real Instagram story views to boost your views count. When you get more views for your story, many new people like to see your videos. 

2. Promote Your Brands

Promoting your brand on Instagram stories is one of the effective ways to increase your product reach. Stories allow you to market your brand on Instagram without spending more money on advertising. Post your product launch promo and teaser in your Instagram stories and boost them to watch on your IGTV channel. You can use product stickers to direct your audience to your purchase page. 

3. Use countdowns

Everyone likes to see a good countdown. The main purpose of using countdown is to create excitement with the audience. Also, you can use countdown stickers in your stories to make your audience more excited about your brand. Use countdown stickers before product launching and invite your followers to join in the function. 

4. Start A Series

Stories are the best place to post series videos, share step-by-step videos related to your business. Series are typically long videos, so you can post your series teaser in your stories and encourage your audience to watch on your Instagram TV channel. Episode videos are the most effective ways to get more engagement for your post. Also, you can highlight the best series to boost new audiences to watch your videos. 

5. Use Your Own Hashtags

The hashtag will explore your popularity on every social media platform. Create short, catchy, and memorable hashtags and use them in Instagram stories to expand your content reach to a massive audience. Also, you can use branded hashtags in your stories to increase your brand awareness and get new audiences to your account. 

6. Re Create Trending Content

If you want to keep your followers engaged, you need to share trending content to your Instagram stories. Analyze the platform and see the popular content. You can recreate that content with your own idea to attract your follower’s attention and bring new followers to your account. People like to follow accounts posting engaging content. 

7. Share Behind The Scene

Use Instagram stories to post behind the scene videos and make your followers know how your products are made. When you share a scene behind the screen, it makes your followers believe your account, and they like to watch your videos again and again. It will increase your impression, or you can buy Instagram impressions and reach to make your account popular on Instagram. By sharing these types of videos makes your audience connect with your brand.

8.Stay Unique

Authenticity is more important than sharing high-quality videos on Instagram. Make unique content to engage your current followers and find a new audience to your Instagram account. Use these valuable ideas to post Instagram stories and get maximum reach .